Children and Grief

Experiencing the death of someone significant in your life can feel quite disorienting at any age.  When this happens in childhood, grief needs can be very different from that of adults.

Maria Georgopoulos, LMHC, FTDirector of Bereavement Services, Calvary …

Advance Care Directives: What You Need to Know

Debbie Feldman JD, LCSW
Administrator, Family Care Services for Calvary Hospital

Nobody likes to think about it, but sometime in the future, you or an important person in your life may become very sick or injured, and be unable to make …

Music Therapy: A Beautiful Addition to End of Life Care

Individuals who are approaching the end of their life often feel confused, irrelevant, or out of touch. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental maladies commonly rob the elderly of their memories. One way to address this is amazingly through …

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