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The primary goals of Calvary@Home’s hospice care program is to:

Relieve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering of our patients and those who care for them.

Hospice is a philosophy of end-of-life care rather than a physical place. Patients with a life-limiting illness, who are no longer pursuing treatment and want to spend their final days at peace and in comfort, are candidates for hospice care. 

Our goal is to give patients and their caregivers as much support as possible so they can live their life how they want, where they want – in a patient’s or family member’s home, in a nursing home, even in a hospital.

Our home hospice care program works to create a tailored care plan for each patient to achieve the best quality of life for the individual. At Calvary@Home this is done through our team approach, our Hospice Program features a dedicated team of registered nurses (RN), doctors, Social Workers, Pastoral Care staff members, Home Health aides, volunteers, and bereavement counselors. Who working together bring comfort to the patients, their families, and their caregivers.

At Calvary we do everything we can to help families keep their loved ones where they want to be, most times this is at home surrounded by familiar surroundings, people and the tiny comforts that make us all feel at peace when we are at home.

Calvary@Home partners with patients’ families to promote quality of life, address pain management and other symptoms, and help prepare both the patient and their loved ones for what to expect in the final days of life.

Keeping a terminally ill patient at home takes teamwork, this is what makes Calvary so special, we take the time to ensure a home care plan is successful, we sit and listen to our families and really hear what they have to say. It’s our mission to be able to help a patient and their loved one with interventions and services that they may need to provide the best care for their loved ones.

Published data verifies that Calvary’s Home Care and Hospice program continues to exceed national and regional measures for the relief of symptoms.

Our Home Hospice team is on call to speak with family members at all times day or night. We work to assist family and loved ones through any crisis that may arise during care.

One of the most important things we do here at Calvary@Home is strive to keep our patients comfortable in the place they want to be. Keeping thoughts with life limiting illness in their home often involves working very closely with loved ones. We work to support our families and teach them how to care for their loved ones. It is their love and support that gets the patients where they are.

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